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Vending machine has taken the money without dispensing the product. How do I get my money back?

Please contact the customer service team on tel.: +43 (0)5 05 200-12. We will then transfer the money back to your account immediately.

I would like to order a café+co chip. Where can I get it from?

You can order the café+co chip from all our sites and also collect it there. Unfortunately, it is not possible to send the chips.

How many calories does the hazelnut cappuccino have? | Is there caffeine in the hazelnut cappuccino? | Is there alcohol in the Irish cappuccino?

We would like to change our plastic cups to paper ones. Is that possible?

You can of course also use paper cups in your machine. For this, please contact your customer adviser or send us a brief communication and we will contact you. Do you know, incidentally, that virtually all our appliances have a cup stop sensor that prevents the issuing of more cups when a cup is already under the dispensing unit?

Where can I order more coffee?

Please feel free to order more here.

Where can I order products for home (e.g. capsules)?

You can also order products for home here!

Questions about café+co SmartPay

The answer to your questions can be found either on our SmartPay page or in the FAQs regarding SmartPay.

What vacancies are there currently at café+co?

You will find our vacancies here 

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