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Kaffeebäuerin auf Kaffeeplantage hält eine Handvoll Kaffeebohnen in die Kamera
500 g Packung Finest African Instant Coffee

Fair-trade highlander

Finest African

Strong aroma notes, with a fruity aftertaste; traded fairly. Coffee lover heart, what more do you want?
Coffee factory


Authentic espresso character with elegant and light chocolate note.

Strong notes, with a fruity aftertaste.

4 out of 5 beans

What’s fair anyway?

Admittedly, the world is not always fair. That is why there is the Fair Trade seal, behind which there is fair trade with producers on an equal footing. In the case of our FINEST AFRICAN fair-trade coffee, this means that the producers from Uganda, who are mostly small-scale farmers, are paid fairly for their cultivation and harvest of coffee beans in the sweltering heat of the Ugandan highlands and certain social, ecological and economic criteria are observed in the trade chain.

Would you prefer fresh beans?

Then our strong Italian Ciao GIANNI is perhaps precisely the right one for you! It impresses with its dark Italian roasting and full-bodied taste.



Our coffee production - The ultimate in coffee enjoyment?

A life without coffee is possible but not advisable! Coffee accompanies us in many life situations. It is sociable, stimulating, of strong character, and patient. Its production also requires patience. That is why we traditionally roast our coffee by hand.

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