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Junge Frau sitzt auf einem Balkon, legt die Füße aufs Geländer und trinkt von einer Tasse Kaffee
Packung 500 g Tagträumer

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"Good coffee is like good music - both touch the soul." Roger Cicero
Coffee factory


Velvety taste, harmonious balance

3 out of 5 beans

Creativity in the cup

Collecting your thoughts for a challenging task. A brief creative break after you have done your work. A creative exchange of ideas and information with colleagues for the next important project. In moments like these an aromatic cup of "Tagträumer" is exactly the right thing. Because to achieve great things, you also need a bit of time out for yourself or a properly observed break for new inspirations and fresh ideas.

Would you like it slightly stronger?

Then our "Durchstarter" is perhaps precisely the right one for you! It gives you energy at all times.

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A life without coffee is possible but not advisable! Coffee accompanies us in many life situations. It is sociable, stimulating, of strong character, and patient. Its production also requires patience. That is why we traditionally roast our coffee by hand.

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