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Zwei café+co Kaffeebecher mit Milchschaum, einmal seitlich und einmal von oben aufgenommen, dazwischen das café+co Logo

café+co corner - From the coffee corner to the mini-market

Outstanding catering is possible anywhere

Whether it is a shopping centre, airport, hospital or nursing home. There are many places where people meet up with one another, wait for something or enjoy a break. A café+co corner offers everything that you need for a perfect break.

Depending on the constructional conditions, your café+co corner can be not only a separate area but also an entire shop - with best coffee, snacks and refreshing drinks and various non-food products. We create an overall concept tailored to your requirements, gladly also with wood installations and base cabinets.

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My perfect break is possible anywhere

A café+co corner fits everywhere where a moment of enjoyment is required. It supplements the infrastructure precisely as required by size, frequency and location. At any rate, your café+co corner is a place where you quickly get what you need and where you can enjoy a brief time-out.

Time for my perfect break

Irrespective of whether the break is short or long, it makes sense at any rate. And ideally also sensuously.
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We would be pleased to plan your café+co corner. Contact us here straight away!

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