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Our aspiration - We make you a gift of time

Time is precious

Time is the defining element for us. This starts with the ripening and roasting of the coffee beans and extends into the dialogue with the customer. We take the time to understand your needs and concerns. Due to our experience and our comprehensive range of services, with you we will find the best catering for your employees, customers and visitors. In the process, we tackle things in a precise and focused manner and find simple solutions even in complex environments.

Every break is a moment of enjoyment

Breaks are taken for a variety of reasons To recuperate, to wait for something or because you always take them at a certain time of day. Breaks can be short or less short but irrespective of the reasons why they are taken and how long they last they should be worthwhile and ideally offer moments of enjoyment.

Our values

Our work is based on a foundation of irrefutable values such as transparency, responsibility and solidarity. And if we can give you time in your own everyday working life with our service solutions, then we as well as you will be smiling.

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