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Kaltgetränkeautomat Cold Drink Lift


Cold Drink Lift

This mighty dispenser of cold drinks holds up to 567 cans. That means a lot of thirst can be quenched. A large variety to choose from is possible in five up to a maximum of seven shelves. Cans or bottles. Exactly how your employees, customers, visitors and you want.
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Product retrieval at a convenient height.

Large glass frontage for optimum product presentation.


H / W / D / Wt
1830 mm / 1215 mm / 845 mm / 345 kg
Mains voltage
230 V – 50 Hz
Load value
0.80 kW
Product capacity
max. 495 cans 0.25 l max. 360 PET bottles 0.50 l
Number of levels
Standard 5 levels
Product number per level
9 products
Inside temperature 2° C – 10° C Electronic temperature control Climate class ST (16° C – 38 ° C) | energy class A++
Technical characteristics
LED lighting as a standard feature, security double glazing, dispensing with theft protection, anti-break-in door/housing, safety money return, guaranteed money return if the product is not dispensed, optical sensor for dispensing safety
User characteristics
Numeric keyboard with 12 buttons Large customer display

Refreshment for all tastes

Cans? Bottles? Cans and bottles? All no problem because the Cold Drink Lift cools both and also has sufficient capacity for both. It is therefore not a matter of “either or” but of “as well as”. Around the clock, refreshment for all tastes.

Only water? That's great too!

However, our Aquapush is more than just a simple water dispenser! It quenches the thirst in many different ways and saves you having to carry bottles or gallons.


Mehrere gefüllte Jausenweckerl auf einem Teller

Our snacks are homemade

Fancy some homemade snacks with ingredients that come from local producers in a radius of 30 to 35 kilometres around our subsidiaries?

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Customised service

Delivery, filling, cleaning, maintenance, vending machine rental or purchase. You define who, what and how. Our service packages are as flexible as you want them to be.

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café+co SMARTPAY

Paying for the best snack in cashless form with your smartphone or a card and at the same time also collecting bonus points. Here you will find out how this is done.

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Company’s own roasting facility - The ultimate in coffee enjoyment?

A life without coffee is possible but not advisable! Coffee accompanies us in many life situations. It is sociable, stimulating, of strong character, and patient. Its production also requires patience. That is why we traditionally roast our coffee by hand.

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