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Coffee production - We also give our coffee time

Is there not always time for good coffee?

With our coffees we issue an invitation to enjoy coffee together. Our coffees are all characterised by a high quality of the raw coffee which we ensure through direct purchase via selected partners. It is roasted by hand in our own roasting houses, by master roasters with many years of experience that give the coffee exactly as much time in the roaster as it needs to develop its wonderful aroma.

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Roasting has to be learned - Our speciality slow-roast

When it is about aroma and taste, we look after every bean. Because the beans of all our coffees are roasted slowly and gently in our own roasting houses in Vienna and Klagenfurt. The love of our craft and the knowledge of our master roaster can be tasted, mug for mug and cup for cup.

Take care of the bean and the roasting will take care of itself

Yes, this is true. That is why we only process fully ripe beans of exquisite quality from traditional areas of cultivation that we have contracted ourselves. We roast our coffees slowly and by hand to allow the aromas to develop in full.

Each bean has its special character

Highland beans from Uganda ripen under the power of the equatorial sun and in the shade of plantain leaves and bear the passion of the coffee growers, most of whom are small-scale farmers, in them. Arabica beans from Central and South America as well as Robusta beans from India grow in special soils and ripen into aromatic fruits in the ideal climate.

At our company, roasted coffees are given time and create diversity

The beans come from all over the word but our coffee is hand-made. And this is done in our two coffee production plants in Vienna and Klagenfurt where coffee has been roasted by hand, in small amounts and with a lot of time and rest for more than 100 years. The range of the café+co coffee types extends from strongly fruity to mildly aromatic coffee.

Coffee made by café+co

Every bean roasted by hand

SERVICE The focus is on service and security

café+co meets the highest certification standards, simplifies the effort required on your part, offers comprehensive service and on request also deals with your billing of the products ordered at the vending machine.

Individual solutions for you

Irrespective of whether you are responsible for an industrial company with 3,000 employees or for an office with a staff of 10. We have the right supply solution for you. In an initial discussion, we find out more about your requirements and needs and then draw up an individual offer for you.

Service by café+co

Higher than the Burj Khalifa

When it comes to the production, processing, taste, service, your satisfaction and our responsibility, our aspirations are quite simply always the highest.

Quality by café+co

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