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Blick von oben in eine Tasse Kaffee mit Kaffeeschaum, Uhrzeiger grafisch eingefügt

Our promise - We make you a gift of time

Illustration: Kettenuhr, Kaffeeschaum stilisiert im Hintergrund

Time is precious

Time is a topic more than ever today. Everything is aligned to growth, to “ever faster”, irrespective of what is behind it. The world’s resources cannot keep pace, and not can people. It is therefore time to sometimes take a conscious step back, to reflect, to allow time to flow again. And to organise these brief “times out” in an enjoyable way.

Lächelnder Mann hält eine Tasse Espresso mit Untertasse

Time to get started

A life without coffee is possible but not advisable! Coffee accompanies us in many life situations. It is sociable, stimulating, of strong character, and patient. It gives meaningful content to breaks. With café+co as a partner, breaks become perfect breaks, with many moments of enjoyment.

Eine Frau zeigt zwei Männern etwas auf einem Bildschirm

Time for your requirements

We take the time to understand your requirements and wishes. With our experience and our comprehensive range of services, with you we will find the best catering for your employees, customers and visitors.

Good things come from nearby

The ingredients for our own snack productions preferably come from local producers. We thus promote the regional economy and ensure the regional value creation.

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Higher than the Burj Khalifa

When it comes to the production, processing, taste, service, your satisfaction and our responsibility, our aspirations are quite simply always the highest.

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Illustration mit Schriftzug "Es ist immer Kaffeezeit!" und Sprechblasen mit verschiedenen Gründen für Kaffeekonsum

Our aspiration

Our work is based on a foundation of irrefutable values such as transparency, responsibility and solidarity. We always tackle things in a precise and focused manner. We find simple solutions even in complex environments. And if we can give you time in your own everyday working life with our service solutions, then we as well as you will be smiling.

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