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Office Baristas - Expertise when it comes to enjoying coffee

Office Baristas - Expertise when it comes to enjoying coffee

“Coffee breaks are fuelling stations for the mind and mood.” We must indeed say that the German author Helmut Glaßl is right on that point because that is precisely how we see coffee, particularly our barista coffee – hand-picked, roasted by hand and thus particularly aromatic. So that you can taste that in every cup, it requires expertise when it comes to coffee enjoyment and specialist knowledge in the area of appliance consulting. That is what our Office Baristas stand for.

Office Baristas are perfectly trained

Our Office Baristas are sensorially and technically adept. They have comprehensive specialist expertise in our professional coffee machines. And that is what is needed, i.e. professional coffee machines and specialist expertise, otherwise the coffee taste is spoiled in the end.

Together with you, our Office Baristas select the coffee tailored to your requirements and advise on the mill settings, the programming of your favourite coffees, easy operation and all other functions of the coffee machine selected by you. From recommending the right barista bean for your taste preferences and individual settings in the coffee variations to professional cleaning. If a technical problem should occur at any time, our service teams and partners will be on site at your premises within a maximum of 1 to 2 days.


“Coffee time is the witching hour. All the spirits are mobilised!” Helga Schäferling, German author

And our Office Baristas mobilise the interaction of technology and coffee bean to awaken your spirits. In the process, they are themselves passionate coffee drinkers who very gladly share their comprehensive knowledge of the perfect coffee moment with others. Our coffee brings people and ideas together and thus strengthens the team spirit in everyday working life.

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