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FAQs regarding the SmartPay app - Your questions about the café+co SmartPay app

If you have any questions about the SmartPay app, please feel free to send us an e-mail at If a problem should occur with one of our appliances, our customer service will be pleased to help you further Mon-Fri: 7.30 am until 5.00 pm, on the telephone number: +43 05 05 200-12.

How do I connect my smartphone with a café+co appliance?

If you are at a café+co appliance with a SmartPay terminal, you first have to connect your smartphone with the appliance. To do so, click in the app on “Connect with new appliance” and “Scan QR code”. For this, simply scan in the QR code on the round display of the appliance or enter the displayed appliance ID below the QR code manually in the app. Click on “Connect with appliance” in the app. After this process, “Connection successful” appears in the display on the café+co appliance and the required product can be selected at the vending machine.

Tip: The now successfully connected café+co appliance can be simply saved as a favourite for the future!

How can I save café+co appliances as favourites?

Saving the appliances that are visited most offers a host of benefits. A frequently visited appliance can thus be selected easily and quickly from the list of favourites during your next visit and be connected straight away.

This is how it is done: After the payment process at a new appliance, save the vending machine as a favourite via the button “Remember café+co appliance".

Tip: The favourites can also be given individual names under Favourite > appliances details!

How can SmartPay accounts be topped up?

The SmartPay account can be topped up via a MASTERCARD and VISA credit and debit card. It is possible at any time to add a new card. If the credit balance in the app falls below EUR 1.00, the app reminds you to top up the account again.

Can I conclude several purchases with one payment?

For security reasons, it is not possible to make several purchases directly one after the other at an appliance or at appliances next to one another via one payment. That is why you should connected with the respective café+co appliance anew for each purchase.

Tip: Add the appliance to your favourites, then it will be quicker!

What are CoffeePoints?

With every payment via the app, you will receive 3 CoffeePoints that can be redeemed in the SmartPay BonusClub. The non-redeemed points expire 2 ears after they have been accumulated. But do not worry, the app reminds you in a timely manner to redeem the points! A payout of the CoffeePoints and a gifting of the points to other people is not possible. CoffeePoints collected in Austria can only be redeemed in the BonusClub of the SmartPay app of café+co Austria.

What is the SmartPay BonusClub?

In the SmartPay BonusClub, the collected CoffeePoints can be redeemed for attractive offers from our partners. The offers are of course being continuously extended. At any rate, taking a look at the BonusClub is worthwhile.

How can I display my existing credit balance?

The currently available credit balance is shown to you by the app at the very top of the bar in the payment screen and of course in the menu item “Account”.

My smartphone camera cannot read the QR code on the round display on the vending machine.

On the round display, a combination of numbers (appliance ID) is displayed below the QR code and this combination can also be entered manually in the app in order to connect with the vending machine.
„ID to connect“

Display payment receipts

Under “Account”, you will find a history of all transactions in the app.

My SmartPay app does not work (Austria).

Please first check whether your smartphone has Internet reception. If this is ensured, please send us a brief e-mail to
If there are problems with the vending machine, our customer service will be pleased to help you further.

Mon.-Fri.: 7.30 am until 5.00 pm, on +43 05 05 200-12

Note: the café+co SmartPay app from Austria only works at café+co appliances with a round reading head (display) in Austria.

Can I use the SmartPay app abroad?

You can use the Austrian SmartPay app throughout Austria at the café+co appliances with the round payment display.
The Austrian SmartPay app can only be used in Austria.

Where can I change my password?

You only need your password during the first registration in the app. Afterwards, it is firmly stored. If you no longer know it when registering anew, simply reset it via the button “Reset password” directly during the app installation.

Can I use the SmartPay app on a second smartphone?

Simply register with the same e-mail address and your password in the SmartPay app on the other smartphone. Your credit balance and the CoffeePoints will automatically be taken over and permanently synchronised.

How do I use the SmartPay app on a new smartphone?

Simply register with the same e-mail address and your password in the SmartPay app on the other smartphone. Your credit balance and the CoffeePoints will automatically be taken over and permanently synchronised.

How do I use the café+co chip in the app?

An existing credit balance on the café+co chip can currently not be taken over into the app.

Do you have a café+co chip for the vending machine in your company and do you get discounts with it when paying for the coffee. We are working on being able to offer these special conditions in the next version of the app. We therefore ask for your patience; further details on this will follow.

Data privacy and general terms and conditions of usage of the SmartPay app

The General Terms and Conditions of Usage and the data privacy guidelines can be found under “Settings” in the app and here on our homepage

Terms and Conditions of Usage

Data privacy guidelines

Where do I look for café+co locations?

To look for café+co locations and appliances, simply open the map view “Search” in the app. Here you can either look in your current radius or also at another place for café+co appliances with SmartPay. The requirement for this is that you permit access to your current location in your settings of the app.

How do I report a fault in a café+co appliance?

You can report a fault in the appliance via the “Service” icon in the app.

What can I do when the SmartPay app does not start any more?

Please follow these simple instructions on how to delete the SmartPay app memory when the SmartPay app is already installed. (Unfortunately, the memory is not deleted when the app is uninstalled and causes the problem that the app no longer starts):

  1. Please open the Android system settings and tap under “Apps” on “SmartPay AT”.
  2. In this screen, tap on “Memory” and select “Delete data” as well as “Empty cache”.
  3. You can then also additionally restart the smartphone in order to be absolutely certain that everything of SmartPay hs been deleted.
  4. Now please install the SmartPay app again from the PlayStore and log into the app as usual.
  5. The last step: Please now delete the stored payment methods (credit card) in the app and add this new method to them.

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