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Gesicht einer jungen lachenden Frau und Slogan "Zeit zum Durchstarten!"

Time to discover café+co anew.

Time is precious. We never have enough of it. And we are all delighted when we gain time somewhere. We at café+co make precisely that possible – finding time. With us and our services decision makers can lean back comfortably and know that their employees are perfectly looked after.

Time – Everybody needs it but nobody has it

Today, time is an issue more than ever. Everything is aligned to growth, to “ever faster”. The world’s resources cannot keep pace, and nor can people. It is therefore time to sometimes consciously take a step back, to reflect and to let time flow again. And to organise these brief time-outs so that they are enjoyable. That is why time is the defining element for us in everything that we do. Taking time and giving time.

Dynamic times of change

We have undertaken many development steps as café+co over the last few years. In years that were and are challenging. In years in which time just flew by. Mega trends such as digitalisation have turned people’s lives totally upside-down. Through the Internet and people’s willingness to travel, the distances in our globalised world have shrunk at a rapid pace. A data volume that today fits on a small USB stick would not have fitted into a data centre a few years ago. Two years of a pandemic have now also ensured that an increasing number of people work from home. We have used these dynamic times and developed a sharpened awareness for how we can shape our future at our customers’ side.

And nevertheless we are approaching the future with élan

We are entering the future in a colourful, lively and energetic manner. Optimistic, open and always solution-oriented. Taking time and giving time. That shapes our daily work. The striking flourish that accompanies us in our logo as a “fragrant coffee haze” becomes a symbol of our work even more. As a “swoosh”, it takes us up on an exciting emotional trip on which it has long been the case that not only coffee but also fresh snacks, sweets and refreshing cold drinks delight the spirit. A swoosh that allows me to escape everyday life and enjoy my best break.

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