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Nahaufnahme von Kaffeebohnen beim Rösten

Roasting coffee takes time

Look after the bean and the roasting will take care of itself. That is why we traditionally roast all our coffees in a long-term roasting method in two coffee production facilities belonging to the company. Because time is also precious for coffee roasting – full aromas can only develop through slow roasting.

Tradition and skilled craftsmanship

In the modern standards of coffee enjoyment, there is a lot of tradition and skilled craftsmanship. In order to get the full potential out of raw coffee, a wealth of experience is required alongside the specialist expertise of the roasting masters. This makes coffee so interesting and at the same time so mysterious.

Full-bodied coffee with characteristic aromas absolutely requires the method of long-term roasting. Because only long-term roasting gives the coffee the time that it needs to develop its full spectrum of taste.

And this is how it is done

The raw coffee is slowly heated up to a maximum of 250° degrees Celsius in the roasting drum and in the process continuously and thoroughly mixed. The time that we give the coffee is between 19 and 23 minutes. This means that every bean is consistently and evenly heated up, which is all part of the secret of good coffee roasting. Moisture evaporates, bitterness and acidity are greatly reduced and complex aroma structures are developed.

As a comparison: The prescribed minimum for long-term roasting is 12 minutes. In most cases, industrial roasting lasts less than 5 minutes and heats the raw coffee up to 700° degrees Celsius.

The following is thus clear to us: To give you an enjoyable time, we need to start with the roasting.

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