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Eine Hand greift nach einem Weckerl, das mit anderen gefüllten Jausenweckerln auf einem Teller liegt

Snack production - Fresh break snacks from our own regional production

35 kilometres are enough

Proximity to the customer also refers to the products at our company. Not only our employees are close to the customers, but also the ingredients of our break snack production facilities in Linz and Graz. These products come from local producers in a radius of 30 to 35 kilometres around the subsidiaries.

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- Hand-made with love

To safeguard the regional value creation

The ingredients of the café+co break snacks come from local producers in a radius of a maximum of 35 kilometres to the snack production facilities in Linz and Graz. This is how we safeguard regional value creation. For us, these roots in the region and the assumption of responsibility for the people who live here are the expression of our appreciative attitude.

Hand-made, fresh on a daily basis and in great diversity

This is how break snacks should taste. In our two snack production facilities, fresh break snacks are produced by hand according to regional preferences every day. It takes just 5 hours from production to delivery. That is real freshness. The recipes include hearty treats just as much as vegetarian and vegan snacks so that really everybody has a good time.

To good neighbourliness

With a decentralised organisation and sites in almost all federal states, we are a reliable part of the local economy. Our regional structure guarantees a tightly knit supply network in which a dynamic route planning ensures short transport routes and reduced CO2 emissions. In this way, we create a good climate – and not only in the break room.

It gets even better.

For us, responsible handling of resources is an expression of our attitude. We opt for paper rather than plastic with the goal: 100% paper cups that can be composted in full.
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SERVICE The focus is on service and security.

café+co meets the highest certification standards, simplifies the effort required on your part, offers comprehensive service and on request also deals with your billing of the products ordered at the vending machine.

Individual solutions for you

Irrespective of whether you are responsible for an industrial company with 3,000 employees or for an office with a staff of 10. We have the right supply solution for you. In an initial discussion, we find out more about your requirements and needs and then draw up an individual offer for you.

Service by café+co

Higher than the Burj Khalifa

When it comes to the production, processing, taste, service, your satisfaction and our responsibility, our aspirations are quite simply always the highest.

Quality by café+co

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