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allMe brand world - The do-it-yourself break

Our break snack brand

allMe is the own-label snack brand from café+co and the response to daily challenges in everyday life allMe is clear, simple, concise and tasty and offers the right products for any moment - irrespective of whether these are fresh snacks, tasty hot meals, sweet delights or sparkling refreshments.

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- Enjoy the small pleasures in life

Our lives present us with new challenges on a daily basis. Many decisions have to be taken. And at a frequently adventurous pace. It is all the more important to consciously enjoy care-free moments in the meantime. To switch off and to create moments of peace. In short, to enjoy the small pleasures of life.

For that, there are the perfect breaks.

Breaks therefore make sense. When they are also sensuous, normal breaks become perfect breaks. And café+co will assist in this, in every life situation, promised.

Enjoyment in a very straightforward way

allMe makes your daily supply with drinks, snacks and ready-made meals very easy. allMe accompanies you in every life situation in a young, lively, clear and concise fashion. Enjoy the moment and create enjoyment moments for yourself with allMe that make every day a very special day.

Into the perfect break with diverse products

The range of products extends from a nut mix, chocolate bar and lemonade to warm Austrian treats. And as a snack between meals, there are lovingly hand-made filled sandwiches and rolls from our snack production.

It gets even better.

For us, responsible handling of resources is an expression of our attitude. We opt for paper rather than plastic with the goal: 100% paper cups that can be composted in full.
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SERVICE The focus is on service and security

café+co meets the highest certification standards, simplifies the effort required on your part, offers comprehensive service and on request also deals with your billing of the products ordered at the vending machine.

Individual solutions for you

Irrespective of whether you are responsible for an industrial company with 3,000 employees or for an office with a staff of 10. We have the right supply solution for you. In an initial discussion, we find out more about your requirements and needs and then draw up an individual offer for you.

Service by café+co

Higher than the Burj Khalifa

When it comes to the production, processing, taste, service, your satisfaction and our responsibility, our aspirations are quite simply always the highest.

Quality by café+co

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