FAQs for the café+co-SmartPay App:

If you have any questions about the SmartPay App, don’t hesitate to contact us by email at smartpay@cafeplusco.com.
Should a problem arise with one of our devices, our customer service will be happy to help Mon-Fri: 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., on Tel .: +43 05 05 200-12.
In both cases, you can also send us a message via LiveChat here on the homepage.

If you are using a café + co machine with a SmartPay terminal for the first time, you must connect your smartphone to the machine first. In the App
click on “Connect to machine” and “Scan QR Code”. To do this, simply scan the QR code on the display of the device or manually enter the device ID displayed under the QR code in the app. Click on “Connect to machine” in the app. After this process, “Connection successful” will appear on the display of the café+co machine and the desired product can be selected as usually on the machine.

Tip: The now such connected machine, can be easily saved as a favorite!

There are many benefits to remembering the machines you visit most. You can always access your frequently visited devices quickly and conveniently. The next time you visit, simply select it from the favorites list and “Connect to machine”. This is how it works: After the payment process for a new machine, the respective machine can be saved as a favorite before closing with the “Save machine as favorite” button.

Tip: Under Favourites > Device Details you can also rename your favourites to individual names!

You can top up your SmartPay accounts with MasterCard and VISA credit or debit card. It is always possible to add a new card to it.

Due to security reasons, multiple purchases within one payment are not possible. The reason for
this is, that as long as your are connected to the café+co device, someone else could shop at your expense!

Tip: The now such connected machine, can be easily saved as a favorite!

With every payment via the app you receive 3 CoffeePoints, which you can redeem in the SmartPay BonusClub. The unredeemed points expire 2 years after you have accumulated them. Don’t worry, the app will remind you from time to rime to redeem your points! It is not possible to receive cash for the CoffeePoints or to give them to others. CoffeePoints collected in Austria can only be redeemed in the BonusClubof the SmartPay app from café+co Austria.

In the SmartPay BonusClub, you can redeem your collected CoffeePoints for attractive offers from our partners and participation in competitions. Of course, the offers are constantly being expanded. It’s definitely worth taking a look at the BonusClub!

The overview of vouchers in the BonusClub shows how many CoffeePoints are required to redeem each voucher.
If you scroll down in the voucher itself, you will see a button “Redeem xx CoffeePoints” >> click on it and confirm the redemption of the required CoffeePoints for this voucher by clicking “OK”.

The app displays your currently available balance in the header of the payment screen.

A combination of digits is displayed below the QR code, which you can also enter manually in the app to connect to the machine.

In the settings of your account you will find a history of all transactions in the app.

First, check whether your cell phone has internet reception. If this is guaranteed, please send us a short email to smartpay@cafeplusco.app or inform us via live chat on our homepage www.cafeplusco.com.
If there are problems with the machine, our customer service will be happy to help. Mon-Fri: 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., on +43 05 05 200-12 or also via live chat on our homepage.

Note: the café + co SmartPay App from Austria only works on café+co devices with a round display in Austria.

You can use your Austrian SmartPay app across Austria on café+co machines with the new round display. The Austrian SmartPay app can only be used in Austria.

You only need your password when you log in to the app for the first time. It is then permanently stored. You can change it in the “Settings” section.

Simply log in with your user (= your e-mail address) and your password in the SmartPay App on the other mobile phone.

Simply log in with your user (your e-mail address) and your password in the SmartPay App on the new smartphone.

An existing credit on the café + co chip cannot be transferred to the app.

Do you have a café + co chip for the machine in your company and do you get discounts when paying for coffee? In the next version of the app we will also be able to offer these special conditions via the app. So please be patient, more information will follow.

You can find the general terms of use and privacy policy can be found under “Settings” in the app.

To search for café+co locations and machines, simply open the “Search” map view in the app. Then you can search for machines and locations either in your current area or at another location. The prerequisite for this is that you allow access to your current location in your operating settings of the app.

You can report a fault on the machine to us using the “Service” icon. Additionally you will also find a link to our live chat on our homepage.

Please follow this simple guide on how to clear the SmartPay app memory when the SmartPay app is already installed (unfortunately, the app memory is not cleared when the app is simply de-installed):

1. Please open the Android system settings app and tap “SmartPay AT” under “Apps”.
2. Here you can see if version 1.0.5 (29) is already installed – it will be reinstalled from PlayStore after deleting the app and the app memory.
3. Tap “Memory” on this screen and select “Clear data” as well as “Clear cache”.
4. After that, you can also restart the smartphone additionally to make absolutely sure that everything has been deleted from SmartPay.
5. Now, please reinstall the SmartPay app from the Play Store and log in again as usual.
6. The last step: please delete the stored payment methods (credit card) in the app now and add them again.

Now you are ready to go again!

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