NEW: Your fastest way to your #PERFECTBREAK.

1. Create your account

Our SmartPay app allows you to register quickly – installed in no time, you are ready to go for your first coffee after entering only the essential login data. The SmartPay-App guides you through a short registration process. All you need for the first step is your email address.

2. Top up your credit

Now you are ready to “refuel” – top up your first credit!
Enter the desired amount, choose the payment method and you’re ready for your #PERFECTBREAK. The first coffee is on us, of course: Add € 10.00 or more as your first credit and automatically receive € 1.50 for your first coffee, snack or soft drink.

3. Collect CoffeePoints

With every payment via the SmartPay-App, you collect 3 CoffeePoints for the SmartPay BonusClub. You will soon be able to secure great rewards in it.

It is that easy!

In just a few steps to your #PERFECTBREAK enjoyment.

First connect to café+co machine

Your first visit to a café+co machine with a SmartPay terminal? In the app, tap on “Connect to a new device”, then scan the QR code on the round display of the café+co machine (or enter the device ID manually in the app). Then confirm the connection on your mobile phone – and you can order the #PERFECTBREAK.

Our tipp: To be even quicker, next time you enjoy your #PERFECTBREAK at the same location, save the machine right after your purchase as a Favorite.

Save favorites & search for locations

You are able to save the café+co machines, that you frequently visit, as favorites. This saves you time later on when connecting and you can access your favorite machines faster. After the payment process, you have the option of saving the respective machine as a favorite by selecting the “Remember café+co machine” button.

You can also simply search for café + co locations. By clicking on the “Locations” tab in app menu, you can easily find your #PERFECTBREAK whereabouts and mark it as a favorite.

CoffeePoints & BonusClub

Every time you pay via the app, you will receive CoffeePoints, which you can then redeem in the BonusClub for great prizes or participation in competitions.
The SmartPay BonusClub will open in April 2021. The great thing about it: the offers are exchanged regularly and you can always discover new rewards. Let yourself be surprised!

In order to be able to redeem the CoffeePoints in the BonusClub, you must first register for it and you will receive  50 CoffeePoints as a bonus right away.

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